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Family-owned and -operated in Gilman, Wisconsin, Spring Cut Cattle Company provides quality and convenient 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef to support your family’s healthy lifestyle. Now there’s no question when it comes to what’s for dinner!

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Why Spring Cut Cattle Co?

Spring Cut Cattle Company, owned by the Stanek Family, specializes in providing clean meat that you can trust. They offer 100% grass-fed and finished beef that’s nutrient-dense so your family is getting the nutrients and flavor you need!

Regenerative farming is how they operate. They believe that working off of an uninterrupted ecosystem is the key to success. They essentially mimic nature in all that they do so that everything works naturally, the way God intended.

Convenient clean, grass-fed beef delivered to your door.

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Spring Cut Cattle Company’s bundles include a variety of nutrient-dense, clean meats that offer a worry-free and convenient shopping experience.

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Keep it simple. Subscribe to Spring Cut Cattle Company and receive 20% off your order plus 10% off additional orders throughout the year!

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Spring Cut Cattle Company

Know Your Farm

Growing up driving past Spring Cut Cattle Company’s current farm was a common occurrence for Tyler, and she admired it often. Doug grew up six miles from the farm, and Tyler grew up three miles from the farm. The farm picked them.

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Know Your Animals

When the decision was made to put their efforts into regenerative agriculture, Doug and Tyler spent endless hours researching and attending classes to advance their knowledge to find the best possible cattle genetics for a grass-finishing operation.

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Spring Cut Cattle Company
Spring Cut Cattle Company

Know Your Farmers

The Staneks are a farm-raised family of four from Midwest Wisconsin who make up Spring Cut Cattle Company. Their love for farming and providing clean food in the way God intended is the reason they continue to provide quality grass-fed and finished beef for their neighbors near and far.

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As a busy mom to a family of four kids, we try to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. We choose grass-fed & finished beef for the added nutrient value as well as the peace of mind knowing it is free from added hormones and antibiotics. Buying from and supporting local farms is also a top priority to our family.

Mandi LaGrander, Mother of Four

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Spring Cut Cattle Company
Shopping for meat has never been so easy!

Spring Cut Cattle Company makes it easy to shop! Best of all you're feeding your family nutritious cuts of meat and supporting local farms at the same time. Choose between a subscription or bundle. Either way, we have many options that will fit your family's needs and budget.